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Speech Recognition Datasets

Quickly expand audio training data and text corpora to build better AI applications

Whether you’re looking to build a Text-to-Speech (TTS) system, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system, or a virtual voice assistant, Mindful AI is well-positioned to be your speech and language data partner.

Speech Recognition Datasets

530 hours British English

Speakers: 800 native residents,

gender ratio 1:1,

age 14-70yrs old equal distribution

Recording device: microphone and sound card, 48kHz 16bits

Speech Recognition Datasets

50 hours American English

Speakers: 100 native residents, gender ratio 1:1, age 18-30yrs old

Recording device: mobile phone, 16kHz, 16bit

Speech Recognition Datasets

130 hours British&American English_Mixed

Speakers: 200 native residents, gender ratioo 1:1, age 16-45yrs old

Recording device: microphone and mobile phone mono channel, 44.1Khz 16bits

Speech Recognition Datasets

350 hours Korean

Speakers: 700 native residents, gender ratio 1:1, age 18-40yrs old

Recording device: mobile phone mono channel, 16kHz, 16bit