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We understands and guarantees that whether software or hardware is used to store or transfer project results and data, they must be encrypted to ensure that the data is not leaked. If the hardware involves logistics or storage, it will be implemented in accordance with the following regulations.

Delivery via web disk

i. The data is encrypted, and the decryption key is sent separately to the customer's designated contact through a different mailbox other than the sending link

Express logistics

i. We will only the large international company (such as SF Express, DHL, FedEx, etc.), get the goods cost insured and stick a tamper-evident label.

Handover in person

i. Reserve a handover time in advance
ii. The personnel of both parties should check the identity documents of the transfer personnel according to the information of the appointment personnel, and the transfer can be performed after check
iii. Shipment in a lock box
iv. Do not disassemble the password box and packaging during the handover

Safety management for annotation office

Information Security Management


All client-related information of Party A, such as trademarks, logos, and other information that can be located to the name of Party A’s client, will be shielded by code replacement during project execution.


All confidential information must not be leaked to persons outside the whitelist. The data is encrypted and stored by the project security officer using a dedicated storage space, and access permissions are set, and unauthorized users cannot access it.


The paper documents generated during the execution of the project shall not be left on the desktop or entrained in the daily work files. After the end of the project, we will destroy all the relevant project information of Party A, including SOW, specification, proposal, etc. In the case that the client of Party A gets the data copyright exclusively, after completing the project delivery, we shall destroy all the data achievements in its possession, in the form of various electronic documents, paper documents and other media.

This document was last updated on October 31th, 2022.